Kai Time – January through April

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Ok, it took a while to finish this one but I finally found the time to put together my first video in quite sometime (while Jackie and Kai are in Chicago with grandma and grandpa Ryan).

January – April was a really fun time for the family, hope everyone enjoys.




Bath Time is Happy Time for Mr. Kai

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I was looking through some pictures and videos while Kai and Jackie are in Chicago visiting family, this video in particular makes me smile, thought I’d share the joy.



Remembering Stephan E. Schminky

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Sad to report that Jackie’s sister Terri lost her husband of 11 years just a few weeks back, Steve Schminky. Terri and Lauren (Steve’s Daughter) took shifts through the last week of his life making sure that he was never alone. I’m very proud of Terri, being by his side and holding his hand the moment he took his last breath.

Jackie scanned nearly 150 pictures that Terri provided and created this great tribute video showing Steve’s life, which they presented at his ‘celebration of life’ gathering for his family and friends last week.

There were several family members that were not able to attend and I promised I’d get it online for everyone to see.


5 Months, Where Did the Time Go???

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This morning I woke to the cutest little noises coming out of your bedroom.  Even though I had a late night, I didn’t even mind that you were up that early, these early mornings give us quality time before I head off to work (ask me if I mind in a few months from now though…).

As I staggered to your room with one eye open, there you were with thumb in mouth, laying on your side with your face pressed against the side rails eyeballing the door, I can only assume you were anticipating mom or I would soon appear.  As I walked in, you slowly begin to crack a big cheerful smile, making my morning all that much better.

After a quick diaper change, we move to the living room where we recently relocated the glider (rocking chair).  This is where I sip my coffee as you cheerfully sit on my lap, all the while making your cute morning ‘oooohhhhs’ and ‘cuuuuueeesss’ while I rub your belly.  After a few minutes, you slowly droop over and fall back to sleep in my arms, and in this moment I sit pondering just how quickly the time has passed since you were born, thus inspiring this post.

In just these first 5 months, you’ve gone from being so tiny and thin that your doctor told us we would need to supplement formula in with the breast milk, to now sporting so many chins that we need to trick you into looking up every time we wash you just so we can clean between them (you get those from me).



November 20th (3 weeks old)


April 3rd (6 months old)










We also began to notice some serious drooling happening at about month 2, I especially love when I hold you over my face and you drool down on my face or as it has happened, directly into my mouth.  Then just before you hit the 4 month mark, we noticed these little nubs appearing on your bottom gums, within a few days little tiny teeth start to break through.  And just last week, mom pointed out to me that your top teeth are now starting to come in as well.  Surprisingly, you actually haven’t been complaining too much. When you do, something to chew on usually addresses the situation.



2 Bottom Teeth (April 3rd)


Though you’ve had some hot tub time with us and seem to love it (parents, don’t freak out, no chemicals in the water with temp set to 97 degrees), you had your first swim in grandpa Smith’s pool last weekend.  I’m quite sure you liked it, but could see that you were trying to process the environment and mass amounts of people hovering around you.



Tiki Tiki Hottub Time! (January 26th)



Another shot in the tub of hotness (January 26th)


There was some debate as to exactly when we should start introducing you to real food, mostly other recent parents providing their thoughts and information learned from books or their doctor telling them when the right time was for their kid.  Your doctor let us know that he felt that right around month 4 we could start introducing some select foods to you, primarily rice cereal, fruits and veggies like avocado’s.  While we were doing research of our own, grandma and grandpa Ryan were kind enough to toss you some chocolate sauce via their fingers, followed by queso, all of which you seemed to thouroughly enjoy.  Mom took the healthier route and processed some avocado later that day, which you also enjoyed (I was scared you’d only crave chocolate and queso for the rest of your life).



Grandma and Grandpa Ryan Feeding You Chocolate For Your First Meal! (March 14th)


And finally, you got to meet your Grandma Smith for the first time.  Grandma Smith was kind enough to pay us a visit for a few weeks, first visiting us here in Sarasota then heading over to Sebastian to stay with your uncle Lynn, Janet, Grandpa and your cousins Kaylei and Taylor.  Her visit allowed your mom to get in a few work outs and we also had our very first night out on the town (we missed you though, no we really did).  The sad news though buddy, Grandma isn’t allowed to see you again until she can learn more songs than the two she sang every 2 to 3 minutes (Itsy Bitsy Spider and Que Sera Sera – Whatever Will Be Will Be).  All kidding aside, though mom and I had enough of those songs, you seemed to really enjoy them and the time spent with grandma Smith.



Grandma Smith and Mom Taking You For a Stroll (March 19th 2014)




Birth to Thanksgiving Timeline

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Mr. Kai,

Today you are 9 weeks old and I can’t get over how much you’ve changed just in that short period of time. Your mom and I are trying our best to document your little life along the way (that’s how I convinced her to let me buy the new 27 inch iMac so thanks for that!).

You see, when I was a kid my dad bought the family a video camera. It was of course a yard sale purchase and was a few years old at the time but nonetheless a top of the line video camera.

(I found a pic of the exact camera):

Panasonic Video Camera

The VCR portion broke into 2 pieces, the part that contained the tape went in a shoulder bag that you carried along with the camera and I think our two batteries lasted about 20 minutes each.  We scripted out silly movies and spent our summers forcing family and friends into acting.

I look back at those moments we captured and it brings up such great memories. My goal (let’s see how long we can keep it up) is to produce a few video’s a year so you too have a means to look back on your childhood and maybe someday you will want to make your own.

The video below is the 1st one I created and it attempts to document the moment we found out your mom was pregnant, show’s highlights over those 9 months (baby moon in virgin islands, baby shower, etc), your crazy birth and a trip we took to see your grandpa for Thanksgiving 2013. I didn’t get the GoPro until a few days before the Thanksgiving trip, I have some fun ideas for using that in future videos :)


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